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MDS SI is a leading global Oracle Platinum Partner specializing in the provision of Oracle Software, Hardware, Managed and Professional Services. We deliver full end-to-end solutions that encompass the whole Oracle stack with a strong focus on Engineered Systems, Database Management services and Business Analytics.

We help organizations leverage their technology to gain a competitive advantage and make their business more responsive to the changing demands of a competitive market place.

With offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, MDSSI is committed to ensuring UAE organizations receive the most from their Oracle investments.

Oracle/Sun Servers & Storage

Oracle's SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris are ideal for mission-critical applications requiring high performance, best-in-class availability, and unmatched scalability on all application tiers. SPARC servers include built-in virtualization, systems management, and security at no additional cost.

Oracle's Sun x86 systems are the best platform for running Oracle software where x86 architectures are required. Only Oracle provides an optimized hardware and software stack that offers a choice of OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools—all at no extra charge.

Oracle's Sun Blade modular systems integrate x86 and SPARC-based servers, storage, and advanced networking capabilities to support a complex and dynamic mix of IT workloads.

Oracle offers the broadest portfolio of NEBS-certified servers designed for 4G infrastructures and cloud-based deployments, making it the safe choice for communications applications requiring continuous, uninterrupted service.


The Oracle Exadata X5 Database Machine is engineered to be the highest performing and most available platform for running Oracle Database workloads. Exadata can manage all types of Database workloads such as OLTP and Data Warehousing and offers extremely fast transaction response times and high throughput.



The Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) is a pre-configured, fully integrated hardware appliance, which combines Servers, Storage, Networking and OS to provide instant provisioning of clustered Oracle Database environments. Ideal for consolidating commodity hardware solutions and deploying multiple Oracle Databases, ODA saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of a highly available Database solution.


Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle Big Data Appliance is a comprehensive Big Data platform, engineered for secure processing and organizing unstructured data into an Oracle Database. With Oracle Big Data SQL, it extends Oracle’s industry-leading implementation of SQL to Hadoop and NoSQL systems. By integrating industry leading hardware and software Oracle provides organizations with a highly optimized platform to derive more value from your data quickly and with lower risk.


Oracle Exalytics

Oracle Exalytics is an engineered in-memory analytics machine that delivers incredible performance improvements to existing analytical and enterprise performance management applications. By enabling real-time analytics, organizations can benefit from faster calculations and therefore faster analysis of data. Featuring optimized Oracle BI and In Memory software, organizations can lower the total cost of ownership compared to standalone software and hardware components.Oracle Exalytics is an engineered in-memory analytics machine that delivers incredible performance improvements to existing analytical and enterprise performance management applications. By enabling real-time analytics, organizations can benefit from faster calculations and therefore faster analysis of data. Featuring optimized Oracle BI and In Memory software, organizations can lower the total cost of ownership compared to standalone software and hardware components.


Oracle Exalogic

Oracle Exalogic is designed and optimized for middleware and applications from Oracle and 3rd party vendors. A hardware and software platform for enterprise applications and engineered together (tested, certified and tuned) to deliver extreme performance, reliability, ease of use and versatility. Combine Exalogic and Exadata and you have a “private cloud” platform that is ideal for consolidation of mission-critical enterprise applications.


Oracle FS-1 Flash Storage System

Oracle FS-1 Flash Storage System is architected for high availability scale out storage with extreme performance. FS1 dynamically auto-tiers data across storage tiers using business priority and application workload characteristics and is integrated with Hybrid Columnar Compression to compress data by 10x – 50x and reduces query times by 3x – 5x.


Oracle Supercluster

Oracle Supercluster is an engineered system for SPARC architectures and is optimized to run Oracle Database, Java and enterprise applications. With no single point of failure, organizations can benefit from the extreme performance benefits of Exadata combined with the elastic cloud benefits of Exalogic on a single integrated platform.


Oracle Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, formerly named Virtual Compute Appliance, is designed for rapid deployment of infrastructure hardware and virtual software, supporting a wide range of OS versions (Oracle and non-Oracle). PCA is an innovative converged infrastructure solution that provides superior product integration, simplified management and lowers costs by enabling customers to consolidate and deploy a multitude of general purpose and mission critical business applications at the push of a button.


Simplify IT with Oracle 12c

Oracle Database 12c is the latest generation of the world's most popular Database, which includes a myriad of new and improved features. Complete with an innovative Multitenant architecture, new In-Memory Database and support for JSON documents, Oracle 12c is designed for the Cloud to help customers make more efficient use of their IT resources, improve performance and lower costs.


OEM 12c

Oracle provides unique management capabilities for overcoming your Database management challenges. Providing unparalleled self-management capabilities, Oracle delivers industry-leading automation enabling administrators to focus on strategic business objectives instead of reactive firefighting.

Licensed individually, but part of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), Oracle’s management packs can optimize and simplify the day to day administration of both Oracle and non-Oracle technologies such as the Database, Application Tier, Host Servers and more.

The most popular Packs are Diagnostics and Tuning due to the instant benefit it provides to Enterprise systems. The Diagnostics pack provides enterprise-wide performance reporting, a centralized performance repository and valuable cross-system performance aggregation. Tuning offers an extremely cost effective and easy-to-use solution that automates the entire application tuning process.

MDSSI team of Technical Consultants can work with you to identify performance bottlenecks and put solutions in place to maintain system performance and improve end user experience.

Oracle Multitenant

A new option for Oracle Database 12c, Oracle Multitenant delivers a new architecture that provides the framework in which to run multiple, completely isolated Database instances from a single installed Database.

MDSSI have used Oracle Multitenant to great affect with our customers to increase consolidation density with multiple Database versions and reduce overall management and licensing costs.

An existing Database can simply be adopted with no application changes required and fully complements other options, including Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle Active Data Guard.

The many pluggable Databases in a single multitenant container Database share its memory and background processes. This enables consolidation of many more pluggable Databases compared to the old architecture, offering similar benefits to schema-based consolidation but with none of the major application changes required by that approach. Other benefits include Rapid Provisioning and Cloning, Patching and Upgrades.

Oracle Database In-Memory

Also new to 12c is Oracle Database In-Memory. This new option transparently accelerates analytics by orders of magnitude by placing performance sensitive tables or partitions in memory to improve query response times.

Oracle Database In-Memory has been used by MDSSI to dramatically improve reporting capabilities for our customers with less intensive data residing on other storage tiers such as flash and disk.

Oracle Database In-Memory provides a unique dual-format architecture that enables tables to be simultaneously represented in memory using traditional row format and a new in-memory column format. The Oracle SQL Optimizer automatically routes analytic queries to the column format and OLTP queries to the row format, transparently delivering best-of-both-worlds performance.


Virtualization is the mainstay of almost every modern IT infrastructure in the world. Using Oracle VM Templates, IT organizations can realize huge time savings and efficiencies across the Database deployment lifecycle, accelerating the provisioning of development, QA, and production Databases.

Exadata X5 now supports the use of OVM to offer a new level of isolation at the virtual machine level. The addition of OVM to Exadata means that customers can now license Database options and packs by virtual CPU cores instead of the full Server (even if you are using the new capacity on demand feature!) so can provide huge savings on license costs.


Maximum Availability

New features in 12c for Real Application Clusters have been introduced such as Application Continuity and QoS management to improve availability and maintain performance across a cluster.

With RAC, customers can deploy a highly available and scalable Database architecture for any application. Combine RAC with Active Dataguard and Oracle give you the blueprint to implement a Maximum Availability Architecture to reduce the costs and complexity of downtime and availability.


Oracle Security

Oracle Database 12c provides multi-layered security spanning preventive, detective, and administrative controls. This includes transparent data encryption, data redaction, data masking, privileged user controls, privilege usage analysis, conditional auditing and real application security. Combined with Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall, Oracle Database 12c provides unprecedented controls to help organizations address existing and emerging security and compliance requirements.



Goldengate is used by our customers to unite information from disparate systems to make decisions in real time. The application enables you to ensure that your critical systems are operational 24/7 and provides a high performance replication platform.

Oracle GoldenGate is instrumental for:-
• Zero Downtime migrations to/from Exadata or other platforms
• Active-Active data distribution and continuous availability
• Zero or minimal downtime during planned outages
• Implement a near real-time data warehouse, populated by various, possibly heterogeneous, source Databases


What We Do

For over 20 years MDSSI team of Oracle Architects and Technical Consultants have been helping customers maximize their investment in Oracle technology by solving business problems, developing new solutions and providing first class support using carefully selected Oracle technology.

Our Oracle team has strength in depth to support and deliver strategic business improvement using carefully selected Oracle technology. MDSSI are perfectly positioned to support companies new to Oracle technology through to established and large Oracle customers by providing a trustworthy service dedicated to providing real value.

The following services form the cornerstone of a long lasting customer relationship and we all revel in the satisfaction of leaving customers in a far stronger position than before we first met.

Technology Workshops

Technology workshops are often the best way to learn more about new Oracle solutions that will positively impact your business. Explorer provides a wide range of workshops to learn more about Engineered Systems and Oracle software along with real world insight and discussion to share ideas.

Need to learn more about Cloud deployment options?

Struggling to comprehend the real value of “Big Data”?

Is Engineered Systems for you?

New to 12c its features and options?

Contact us and tell us what you need and book a workshop with us.

Database Support

For many Oracle customers, a DBA resource is too expensive to employ and even more difficult to keep hold of. To overcome this issue and fill the gap often left in businesses, Explorer provides a range of DBA support services to proactively manage your Oracle assets and maintain availability, performance and security.

Your Oracle systems are monitored 24/7 by Explorer’s remote monitoring tool (OEM), which is used to keep a constant check on the condition of the Oracle Database operations. This monitoring information is stored and provided to the client for analysis and status reporting every month and contributes towards regular feedback. Explorer can also provide a layer of performance monitoring with each support contract to ensure your systems are performing at optimal levels.

The support includes:-
• 24/7 DB monitoring
• Daily checks on DB activity & Health
• Out of Hours call out response
• Monthly Health Check Report
• Complete health check & architecture review of all Oracle systems
• SLA guarantees

Health Checks & Consultancy

Outside of proactive Database Support, Explorer’s Technical and Development Consultants also provide adhoc consultancy services to customers who are looking for a more reactive service or need expert assistance on a project by project basis:-
• New Database and Architecture Design.
• Database Health Check and Architecture Reviews.
• High Availability and Disaster Recovery configuration.
• Database Performance optimization.
• SQL Tuning.
• Version upgrades and migrations.
• Oracle Software Asset Management.
• Database Security implementation.
• Data replication and reporting.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud offerings are now a staple part of most IT strategies and Explorer offers a range of Cloud deployment models to help make your transfer to the Oracle Cloud safe, secure and hassle free. Explorer’s customers utilize private and public clouds to achieve a range of business objectives; from complete infrastructure migrations to moving none-production instances and development new applications in the Cloud. Oracle Cloud adoption is growing considerably and Platform-as-a-Service is a cost effective and highly sought after solution for many UK organizations. If you would like to learn more about Cloud adoption why not book a workshop, or call us to discuss further.